A serial sex offender who attacked three women in the space of eleven days has been given a fourteen year prison sentence.

37-year-old Patrick Nevin attacked the women during their first meeting after they had been talking on Tinder and over the phone.

Ms. Justice Eileen Creedon handed down the fourteen-year sentence with two years suspended on condition he engage in anger management treatment and abstains from using performance enhancing substances.

Today’s sentence was for two of the attacks. Nevin is already serving a five and a half year sentence for a third attack in 2014.

In July of last year Nevin pleaded guilty to the rape of one woman and the sexual assault of another in 2014. Both women said they had been living in fear of Nevin as he had picked them up from their homes to go for a drive and they were terrified he would return.

Nevin also has a previous conviction for assault in 2001 wherein he beat a former partner’s two dogs to death before repeatedly kicking and punching the woman in a prolonged attack that only ended when he fell asleep.

Nevin served a seven year sentence for the attack. In April of 2012 he was given a suspended four year sentence for a firearms conviction after he threw a stun gun from his car following a Garda pursuit, wherein he failed to stop after committing a minor traffic infringement.

Nevin was still serving this suspended sentence when he committed the sex acts in 2014.

-Daniel Potter