OPINION: Is Freedom of Speech in jeopardy in recent times?


In recent years it seems like Politics has become a somewhat scary subject to bring up among Friends and Colleagues, was this always the case? Surely Politics must be frequently discussed, as it is the key drive to creating change and improving our society. It feels like lately it is necessary to align yourself with an extreme Political side, whether it be left or right.. Central and unbiased Politics seems to be a thing of the past, but is the Media to blame?

One of the prime features of a Democratic Society is ‘Freedom of Speech’, no matter how bizarre and idea is, people must surely have the right to express their beliefs and be listened to. Debate is fantastic, it allows people to understand ideas from different views, which ultimately allows them to come to a grounded conclusion.

The rise of Social Media has surged a strong rise in Independent Media Companies and the decline of the National Broadcaster. It is extremely important that these Media Companies can write whatever they want, whenever they want. However, without a National Broadcaster there seems to be a lack of unbiased news updates on Social Media websites. The key underlying issue with this is, these bias Media websites release biased News updates in which the public who align themselves with that political side get their beliefs clarified, making it impossible for them to see reason with people of another Political side. The public on the other end of the Political Spectrum get agitated by the bias nature of the new content, which is creating a continuous divide in the people in a time when we need unity.

This is a link to the continuous divide between Democrats and Republicans in the US in recent years:

Is this fair? Surely it’s very important to maintain a society in which the people have the freedom to express their views on all issues and be respected for all future generations.

-Noah Harte