The ‘brand new’ Westlife made a guest appearance on The Graham Norton Show Friday night, performing their new single and joining guests for a short interview.

Nicky Byrne went on to discuss the boybands first encounter with Oasis star, Liam Gallagher…

“We were a young band in 1998,” Byrne said.

“We’d just signed a record deal over here and there was a big store opening in Bond Street and we were told to go and get noticed. There were all these superstars including Oasis, who were so big.

“So we thought we had to go over and say hello. They were having a drink in a circle of people so me and one of the boys walked over and, they had their back to us, and tipped them on the shoulder.

“Liam turned around and we said, ‘Liam, we’re Louis Walsh’s new band’ and he just went. “F**k off.'”

Take a look at the performance and interview here:

-Noah Harte