A documentary about steroids that aired on RTÉ garnered quite a reaction on social media on Wednesday night.

One moment in particular caught the eye of viewers, as RTÉ filmed a “well-known influencer” with a hidden camera as the influencer, whose face was hidden and whose voice was blurred, purchased illegal steroids from a supplement store.

The documentary states that the influencer claims to be a “natural athlete” on his many social media accounts.

In the documentary, he is seen purchasing a bag of “clen” (which is short for clenbuterol). A doctor on the documentary described the substance as “one of the most dangerous drugs that people take”.

After the documentary, well-known Irish influencer Rob Lipsett responded to claims that he was in the influencer in question, claiming on Twitter that if he was on steroids he wouldn’t be “so stupid to go and talk about it on TV”.

-Noah Harte