May ‘fighting day and night’ to ensure Brexit deal


Britain’s Brexit minister Stephen Barclay said Prime Minister Theresa May is “fighting day and night” to secure a Brexit agreement.

“Both sides see the backstop as temporary,” he said. “There is a recognition on both sides that the backstop is a concern.

“There is movement but the question is how do we ensure that movement is sufficient for colleagues.”

Mrs May is in Brussels for the second time in three days today, battling to save her Brexit deal and her political career.

Mrs May, who survived a confidence vote staged by her own party’s MPs late yesterday, now needs to turn a narrow victory on home turf into an unlikely away win.

She wants Europe to sweeten the offer with “reassurances” that the so-called “backstop” – measures to prevent the return of a hard border on the island of Ireland – will not last indefinitely.