Tommy Tiernan reveals he regularly phones the President


Speaking with Dion Fanning on Unfiltered, Tiernan said that old men are fond of him, “They’re just drawn to me. I’m an attractive proposition for older gentlemen.”

He continued to say, “The President. I have great chats with him and it’s always shocking – it’s not shocking to people from Ireland because we live in such an an egalitarian society, everybody knows everybody – but sometimes if he phones me and I’m with English people… ‘It’s the president. Michael.’

Tiernan says the conversation always starts the same way;

“He starts off the conversation the same way – I pick up the phone and I go, ‘Hello’, because it’s ID withheld, unknown number, but I know it’s him, I go, ‘Hello?’

“And he says, ‘Is that Doctor Tiernan?'”


-Noah Harte