Guterres tells G20 that COP24 ‘must succeed’


During press briefings ahead of the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, UN Secretary Antonio Guterres informed world leaders that the COP24 climate change conference ‘must succeed’, citing a lack of confidence and a high level of confrontation in the international community with regard to the problem of climate change.

As well as mistrust between nations, and the risk of confrontation, Mr, Guterres said that there was a lack of trust between peoples in general and institutions everywhere, both at a national level – in the form of governments and parliaments – and internationally; because globalization has divided the world into winners and losers, leaving little room for co-operation on the climate front.

In a tweet posted earlier today, Guterres said that the world leaders of today will be judged on their action on climate change, making it a determining factor in the success and failure of modern governments.

-Daniel Potter